StateCitationSign Req'tRelease Req'tEffective Date
ALCode of Alabama 1975 ?6-5-337YesYes1-Jan-93
AZ1994 Arizona ALS 259NoYes1-Jan-94
ARArkansas Code of 1987 Ch 120, ?16-120-201 et seq.YesNo1-Jan-95
COColorado Revised Statutes ?13-21-119YesYes1-Jan-90
CT1993 Connecticut Acts P.A. No. 93-286NoNo1-Jan-93
DE1995 Delaware Code Title 10, Chapter. 81, ?8140YesYes1-Jan-95
FL1993 Florida laws Ch. 93-169, ?773.01, et. seq.YesYes1-Jan-93
GACode of GA Anno. ?62-2701YesYes1-Jan-91
HI1994 HI ALS 249NoNo1-Jan-94
IDID Code 1990 Ch. 18, ?6-1801, et. seq.NoNo1-Jan-90
IL1995 SB 240YesYes1-Jan-95
IA1997 H.F. 132 (West's No. 67 ? 1)YesYes1-Jul-97
IN1995 Act No 1551YesYes1-Jan-95
KY1996 HB 239YesYes15-Jul-96
KS1994 KS ALS 290YesYes1-Jan-94
LALRS ?9:2795.1YesYes1-Jan-92
MEMaine Stat. Title 7 ?4101, et. seq.NoYes1-Jan-92
MAMass. Gen Laws 128 ?2DYesYes1-Jan-92
MIMCL ?691.1661, et. seq.YesYes1-Jan-95
MS1994 Miss. Act 443YesYes1-Jan-94
MNMinn. Ch. 623, Art. 3?2YesNo1-Jan-94
MOMO. RS ?537.325YesYes1-Jan-94
MTMont. Code Anno. ?27-1-725NoNo1-Jan-93
NE1997 LB 153YesYes12-Sep-97
NMNMSA Art. 13, 42-13-1. et.seq.YesNo1-Jan-93
NC1997 HB 176YesYes1-Jan-98
NDND Code ?53-10-1NoNo1-Jan-91
NHNH Rev Stat. Anno 508:19NoNo1-Jan-99
NJN.J. Statute 5:15-1, et seq.YesNo8-Jan-98
NYNY Consolidated Laws Sec 18-303Yes (2)Yes23-Oct-17
OH1996 HB 564NoYes3-Mar-97
OKHB 1152NoNo1-Nov-99
ORORS ?30.684, et. seq.NoYes1-Jan-91
PAP.L. 472, No. 93 Cl. 42Yes (2)YesFeb-06
RIRI Laws Ch. 21, ?4-21-1YesYes1-Jan-93
SCSC Laws ?47-9-710YesYes1-Jan-93
SDSD Laws Anno. ?42-11-1YesYes1-Jan-93
TX1995 HB 280YesYes1-Jan-95
TNTCA ?44-20-101YesYes1-Jan-92
UTUtah Code Anno. ?78-27b-101NoNo1-Jan-92
VAVa. Code Ch. 27.5, ?3.1-796.130NoYes1-Jan-91
VT12 V.S.A. ?1039YesYes1-Jan-96
WAWash. RCW 4.24.530NoNo1-Jan-89
WVWV Code Art. 4 ?20-4-1NoNo1-Jan-90
WIWisc. S. A. ?895.481YesYes4-May-96
WYWyo. Stat. ?1-1-122NoNo1-Jul-96

Information provided by Julie Fershtman, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC