Goetz Insurors has years of experience in writing insurance coverage for alpaca ranches. We would be happy to discuss your unique insurance needs with you.

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Farm Dwelling

  • Farm dwellings and attached structures
  • Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns within 500’ of the main dwelling
  • Automatic inflation included
  • Extended replacement cost on eligible dwellings by endorsement

Appurtenant Private Structures

  • Unattached structures appurtenant to the dwelling
  • 10% of the dwelling value with no distance limitation
  • Outdoor radio and TV antennas/satellite dishes attached to dwelling with a $500 limit –may be increased

Household Personal Property

  • Covered anywhere in the world
  • Special limitations apply – may be increased

Additional Living Expenses

  • Coverage for necessary increase in living expenses if a covered cause of loss renders your home uninhabitable

Scheduled Farm Personal Property

  • This coverage allows you to choose those items you want specifically insured.
  • A specific amount of insurance and selected coverage form is assigned to each item to be insured.
  • Replacement machinery, vehicles and equipment newly purchased are automatically covered for an additional $50,000 for 30 days
  • Farm property away from premises: 25% of miscellaneous equipment, 10% of other types of property with no mileage limitation
  • Property in the custody of common or contract carrier is covered for $2,000 – may be increased
  • Miscellaneous equipment, if insured, is limited to $2,500 on any one item
  • Borrowed or rented farm machinery, vehicles and equipment are covered up to $25,000 – may be increased to $75,000

Other Farm Structures

  • Farm buildings and structures other than dwellings
  • Farm buildings newly constructed are automatically covered for $60,000 for 60 days from first date of delivery
  • Private power and light poles
  • Unattached outdoor radio and TV equipment, antennas and towers
  • Some fences, corrals, chutes, pens and feed racks can also be covered

Additional Coverages Included

  • Farm extra expense – $1,000 – may be increased
  • Restoration of farm operation records up to $2,000
  • Pollutant cleanup and removal for $10,000 by a covered cause of loss – may be increased to $100,000
  • Loss of farming income

Liability Coverage

Our policy can be tailored to provide the protection you need resulting from injury or property damage covered by this policy. Farm Comprehensive Personal Liability (FCPL) and/or Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)

  • Premises/Operations Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Medical Payment for $5,000
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Fire Legal Liability for $50,000
  • Chemical Drift for $25,000 – May Be Increased to $100,000
  • Custom Farming Receipts – $2,000 Included – May Be Increased